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Venice, 1950

The bread and pastry kitchen, founded in the 1950’s by his father Pietro, a proud man who finds his excellence in baking, is the place where Andrea Zanin passion is born. The Venetian origin where he resides is well known for its culture in fine dining for centuries. This city is more then capable in showing you Italian ability to impress. There is no boundary Zanin wouldn’t cross to deliver successfully. Between Zanin and Venice flavor, tradition and culture you can truly value the dedication of Andrea Zanin and his work.


Tradition and Innovation

The wealth of their origins, the quality of raw materials and natural genuine, the importance of its territory in the choice of fresh ingredients, emerging in its research and development of a product finished capable of transmitting the tastes, flavors and emotions of a city and a land that for centuries charm for art, culture and elegance. The Innovative strength is always pushed toward finding those harmonies of the senses, able to light the richness of a tradition Venetian cuisine timeless. A passion that is in these values the strongest stimuli, and that guide Andrea Zanin in his work in evolving.

Utilizing the genuine passion of a city, in a land that for centuries has been known for its art and elegance, whether its a scenic route or harmony in its surroundings, Venetian culture is timeless. Venice is the origin of rich ingredients. Quality, fresh and natural flavors transpired into a world in which every morsel is dissected by your taste buds. As Andrea Zanin proceeds to evolve he carries his traditional ways with him regardless of where he goes.


Andrea, Pastry Chef, Entrepreneur and Consultant

Andrea Zanin is a word recognized and a multi-award winning pastry chef.