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Andrea Zanin is the sole owner of Andrea Zanin srl, a Company specialised in Pastry, Confectionery production and consultancy.

Andrea Zanin srl is one of the best, and a well known leader in its business sector testified by a successful track records in major catering and banqueting projects, events, national and international competitions, coffee houses and also by other complimentary services to the hospitality industry.

Andrea Zanin inherited the passion for his work from his father, a veteran of 50 years dedicated to the tradition of pastry making.

Andrea graduated as paymaster in 1986 and decided to dedicate completely himself to pastry making, following into the footsteps of his father’s business which, from 1952, had a bakery and pastry store in Mestre.

In the same year Andrea took the over-all management and control of the family business which he reorganized by creating state of the art production workshop dedicated exclusively to the processing and development of the pastry.

Since then Andrea further refined his skills and accomplished local (Italian) and worldwide personal and professional achievements in his field. To mention few of the main :

Thanks to the collaboration with the highly influential French Maisons, Zanin learned additional pastry making’s techniques which are the backbone skill and professionalism for any great pastry chef.

Recognitions of his skills started as a winner for the 3rd place earned in 1993 at the National Contest “Cappello d’Oro” (The Golden Chefs Hat) in the Etoile of Sotnew tomarina; as well as the 3rd place, in 1994, at the Italian Pastry Championship and, in the same year, his selection as part of the team for the Mondial Pastry Championship.

But the real personal and professional satisfaction and recognition came in 1997 with the entry of Zanin as a member and fellow at the unique “Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiana”, (The Accademy of Italian Pastry Chefs), which impose to their fellow members strict rules such as the use of ONLY first level raw material for the preparation of the pastries.

Thanks to this admission Andrea Zanin intensified his activity: In 1997 he participates at the international contest “Coppa di Francia”, arriving 8th and he started working for the famous Pastry Chef Fauchon e Belleut in France.

From 1997 to 2000 he participated to several specialisation courses with the best international Chefs and he begin his activity as collaborator for professional consultancies in firms and schools.

Andrea’s products won great recognitions as well: In 1999, during a contest at the “Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiana” summit, he won the 1st place for his “Panettone Salato Gastronomico” and in 2003 the 1st place for the best traditional “Colomba”.

Zanin had also the honour to take part, with the group of “Team Veneto”, at theWorld’s Cooking Championship – the “Culinary Cup” of Luxemburg- winning the 3rd place.

Furthermore in 2003 and 2004 Zanin’s name was highlighted in the most famous publication : The Italian Guide “Italian Coffee Shops & Bars” made by “Gambero Rosso” for the best coffee in Mestre’s pastry stores and as best pastry store in all the Venetian area.

Another important event for Andrea Zanin is the entrance, in 2004, in the worldwide association Relais Dessert International, so as to become one of the three Italian pastry chefs who have got the honour to be part in the famous association which collect the 90 best international pastry shops.

In 2004 Zanin won also the 1st place for the new products’ research and technical innovation during the “Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiana” summit.

The young Zanin combined the inherited tradition, the wealth of expertise, the passion for of his own work with the desire to grow and reach out new markets thus merging new production technologies with the art, tradition and quality always associated the household name of Zanin.

These points are the strength for Zanin’s products, and the main ingredient for his great achievements.

In 1996 his desire to diversify and expand resulted in the birth of “Zanin Events”, a catering and banqueting Company for mega events, such as the Venice Film Festival, San Pellegrino Cooking Cup and many others top class events.

The 2005 witnessed the growth of Zanin’s catering business. As a matter of fact “Zanin Events” was selected to handle great events and gala dinners at the Biennale Festival, San Pellegrino Cooking Cup and many others. For the second year in 2006 “Zanin Events” was selected as the official caterer for the “Venice Film Festival”, an international experience that he managed wit a lot of appreciation and recognitions.

Another international exposure was achieved with the participation at the Gran Gourmet Summit in Dubai (November 2005): an international event in which he was called to represent Italy and his pastry experience with other master chefs from all over the world.

Currently Zanin is a consultant to Italy’s most prestigious Pasta ( and also a variety of other food producs).

The latest milestone was achieved by Zanin in November 2006 when he was awareded the very top in the industry : The Best Italian Pastry Chef 2006, during a ceremony held at “The Accademia dei Maestri Pasticceri Italiani” summit in Pollenzo – Italy.

This is the most important achievement for any Italian Pastry Chef, and it usually awarded at the end of the career, but Andrea Zanin had this big trophy at the age of just 40 years.

He has two prestigious selling points, one in Mestre and the other in the heart of Venice five minutes walking from San Marco Square – that represents one of the historical Coffee point of the city. Both shops showcase the excellence of the pastry production both in design, packaging and service down to the minute details.

That is the way Andrea Zanin branded himself, and that is what his customers love.